Book Launch of "Psychomachia"


It was a great pleasure to paint a work for the cover image of my friend Sanita Fejzic’s first published book. Sanita is a young writer from Bosnia who lives in Ottawa. She writes in English. Psychomachia is her first novella (between a short-story and a novel in terms of length) published by Quattro Books.

The word « psychomachia » refers to the struggle of vices and virtues inside an individual. At the center of the story, a woman, after a deep family trauma, finds herself in a situation unheard of where vengeance makes her derail in the most electrifying way. Sanita describes with details the events that will lead to a night during which aggressor and victim will exchange parts. Like a Virginia Woolf on Instagram, Sanita weaves, with great sensitivity, a breathtaking thriller with serious moral implications.


Judith, oil and goldleaf on linen, 92cmX76cm, 2015, private collection

On my part, I painted a portrait of Judith, the main character of the story. I picked an expression similar to the one of somebody emerging from water gasping some air. An emotional distress. I used goldleaf to suggest a fractured face. The face, the identity, is cracking, falling apart. It refers to Kintsukuroi (or Kintsugi), a Japanese word meaning “gold repair”, which is mentioned in the novella. Kintsugi is the zen Buddhist art of repairing accidentally broken pottery pieces. Instead of being thrown away, they are glued back together with a gold joint, emphasizing their cracks, glorifying their imperfection. By this process, they gain additional philosophical value, much like Judith in Sanita’s story.




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