Kama Pigments Launches the Color "Laca Orange"

For the last fifteen years, I've been buying my materials mainly from Kama Pigments in Montreal. In the beginning, the Kama store was located on a second floor with no windows on Jean-Talon street. I used to buy dry pigments there and grind my own oil colors by hand with a muller. So much went by since then! Kama and I have evolved a great deal. Kama now has a storefront on Saint-Hubert street. Recently, as a way to reinforce this long-time alliance, Vincent Deshaies from Kama asked me to create new colors to extend their color chart. So I experimented and came up with different hues I would like to have available in my studio and that, in my opinion, are missing in their oil color chart. To thank me, Kama decided to name one by my name: Laca Orange. It's a pinkish orange that I find particulary interesting when painting flesh in a portrait. Artist friends, try it, tell me about it. This product was designed for you! It's "research and development" applied to painting.